Hazelnut Mousse
(new item!)
A thick layer of hazelnut mousse over white songe cake, all wrapped in a thin chocolate shell, covered with a thin layer of jelly, and topped with a premium hazelnut

Black Forest
(new item!)
Chocolate sponge cake filled with custard cream and fruit cocktail, all covered under a thin layer of fudge, and garnished with a slice of milk chocolate and a sugar daisy.
Chocolate Marquis
(new item!)
Chocolate sponge cake and chocolate fudge all in a pyramid shell of chocolate.
Cherry Mousse
(new item!)
A layer of chocolate sponge cake under a center of chocolate mousse and sweet cherries, wrapped in a thin chocolate crust and topped with a chocolate dipped cherry.
Mocha Cup
(new item!)
A mix of white sponge cake and mocha mousse inside a chocolate cup, topped with cream and a hint of coco powder.
Passion Fruit
(new item!)
White sponge cake under a thick layer of passion fruit cream, all wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate shell and topped with glaze, a chocolate leaf, and gummy rasberries.
Mango Mousse
(new item!)
White sponge cake with mango filling. All covered with mango glaze and topped with a sugar flower.
Strawberry Mousse
(new item!)
White spong cake and strawberry filling and strawberry mousse all covered with strawberry jelly, wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate, and garnished with a fresh strawberry.
(new item!)
Eight layers of chocolate and white spong cake, white chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, and mocha.
Creme Brulee
(new item!)
Fruit Tart
Rum Cake
Sponge cake drenched in rum based sweet sirop and filled with custard cream.
Eclaires, Creme Puffs, and Merang
Strawberry Cheesecake
Mozart, and Chocolate mousse
Chocolate Fudge, and Rasberry Roll
Assorted Pastries
Rum Ball and assorted pastries